Namal Aberathne Residence @ Kandy


Project Details

Project Cost 23M
Project Duration 12 months
Project Location Kandy
Project Type Residence
Floor Area 1Acer land
Client Namal Aberathne
Engineer Lalith karunathilaka
Description 4 Bed Room with 3 Bath Room, Living, Dining, Pantry, Wet kitchen, Car porch

A building with 4000sqft of floor space with 4Bed rooms and 2 bath rooms, built in a 1 Acre of land in Kandy. Two, angled roof structures were hidden behind a concrete façade we created from the front. Property located within 3km from the main township and client needed a structure with clean lines with large free spaces for him to be relax into the house as he is a very busy man in his line or work.

We created a large double height space and an open pantry, we designed a pond to the front entrance where a path gets connected to the entrance from the garage through the pond, creating a “nature at your door step” concept putting the user at ease, even before he enters the house.